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 Structure for YVB written content.

Before you start.

This structure does not need to be for the whole article/story if it does not fit. If what you are writing is more of a story that doesn’t need breaking up (or you simply do not want to), then just a short summary of this at the beginning is just fine.
Please send your article and photos via Google Drive, Dropbox or something similar on the previous contribution page or to

Any photos that are relevant to the YVB page that you post to Instagram or are keen to get shared around, please tag @yewsviewsbrews both in the post and in the image. Please don’t forget to give a short caption of Who, Where and What is happening in the photo.

Examples can be found in the ‘Yews’ section of the website.


Who was with you on the adventure? Were you alone or with a crew? If alone, why? If with a group, how do you know them and why did you pick them?

What & Where.
What was it that you were doing? Where did you start, visit and finish?

What were the best parts of the ride that made it special. This can be locations, views, feelings you had at a particular spot or at a particular time

Recommendation - Who & When.
What kind of audience is this adventure aimed at? For example, a day trip to a remote beach that is accessible to the majority of people vs a multi-week trip in the wilderness.
What time of year is best to visit this area and what is to be expected? This could be relevant to temperatures, winds, river crossings, water availability.

Essential gear (if relevant).
Some trips require more than a day pack with a water bottle and a banana. No need to state the obvious but give ideas - for example: water filter, extra layers if in a weather volatile area, GPS etc. If bike/boat related (or similar), make note that for most trips, special equipment isn’t required and should not stop you from getting out and having a crack, for example: take the bike you have at home and forget about that expensive one the man in the shop told you to buy.

This can be anything from taking particular side trails, spectacular views or visiting a cafe.
This is a good spot to make note of good places to sit down and enjoy a brew.
Also applies to resupply points for food/water/bail out (if relevant).

Please try to caption each photo, even if it’s something as simple as ‘a view of the valley from the campsite’.

Adventurer Profile.

To credit you, I want to have a profile of the contributor at the bottom of each article, including a small photo of the you in your element (preferably outside or with a mug in hand!)

In addition to this, your name, instagram tag, outdoor activity you do most and what your favourite ‘brew’ and snack is. The brew can be any drink you like to use to sit down and have a chat with people - coffee, tea, wine, beer, water etc. Give a type eg espresso, black tea, shiraz, Super Dry.

Thank you and I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me!

Kind regards,

Nick Kohn