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YVB is a platform where stories and photos can be shared to encourage more time outdoors and appreciation for the little things that are otherwise overlooked.

It should make you want to explore and get a little feral and dirty. Go and do it because it’s pointless and you love it - be a kid again.
This site is user contributed in order for you to show off all the fun you have through any medium you see fit - story, photo or video.

To contribute, visit our Instagram (@yewsviewsbrews) or click on the link below.

‘Yews’ are the stories of ordinary people doing remarkable things. How, where or when they do it is of no relevance. Hiking, riding, diving, climbing - if it gets you stoked, exhausted and outside, it’ll be on here.

‘Views’ is a visual experience that presents the beautiful landscapes that we are all so often surrounded by. These collections from around the world will evoke the drive to get outside.

‘Brews’. This section is about coming together to sit down, unwind and spin a yarn about anything, everything or nothing at all. This is achieved through a tasty beverage - tea, coffee, wine or beer!

Featured Story

Under the Shadow of Uturunku

By Nathan North

I limped out of town in the late afternoon with a filthy sore throat, coughing up green phlem. I had a thermos of ginger and lemon tea, two heads of garlic and soon, the clean crisp air of the mountains which I hoped would do the job
— Nathan North